8 Best Restaurants in Old Naples

8 Best Restaurants in Old Naples

Old Naples is more than a picturesque area known for its pristine beaches and historic charm; it is also a hotspot for some of the finest dining in Southwest Florida. Whether you're a local or a visitor exploring potential residences, the culinary scene here offers a delightful taste of local and international flavors. Here's your guide to the best dining experiences in Old Naples, where each restaurant promises a unique story as rich as its menu.

1. Campiello - Italian Ristorante & Bar

Campiello blends a vibrant atmosphere with a rustic Italian menu that changes seasonally. Located in the heart of Old Naples, this restaurant is celebrated for its innovative dishes inspired by traditional Italian cuisine. The outdoor patio, which mirrors the lively street life of Italy, makes dining here particularly enchanting. Their wood-fired pizzas and handmade pasta are must-tries for anyone seeking authentic Italian fare.

2. Old Naples Pub - A Local Favorite

Nestled amidst the quaint settings of Old Naples, Old Naples Pub is a favorite among residents for its laid-back ambiance and traditional American pub fare. Known for its friendly service, this pub offers a cozy retreat with classic dishes like fish and chips and shepherd's pie. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a casual meal after a day of exploring the nearby shops and beaches.

3. Sea Salt - A Taste of the Ocean

Sea Salt stands out with its chef-driven concept that emphasizes fresh, locally sourced seafood. The restaurant's innovative menu is crafted around new culinary techniques and the flavors of the Gulf Coast. The outdoor dining area, with views of bustling Third Street South, is perfect for a romantic dinner or a special family gathering. Don't miss their oyster bar, which features a selection from around the country.

4. Barbatella - Spirited Italian Trattoria

This dynamic trattoria is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys spirited Italian dining. Barbatella offers a diverse range of Italian dishes, from decadent gelatos and wood-fired pizzas to sophisticated pasta. The courtyard, featuring an ornate fountain, is an idyllic spot for dining al fresco under the stars.

5. The Continental - American Provisions and Craft Cocktails

The Continental crafts a unique blend of American steakhouse classics and innovative dishes. With its chic décor and lively atmosphere, it’s known for prime steaks and a comprehensive list of craft cocktails. The garden-like patio setting, complete with live music, adds to the allure, making it an ideal choice for a stylish evening out.

6. Jane's Cafe on 3rd - Breakfast and Brunch Delights

Jane's Cafe on 3rd is the quintessential brunch spot in Old Naples. Offering a serene dining experience in its charming garden, Jane’s specializes in organic and healthy dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for a fresh smoothie bowl or eggs benedict, Jane’s ensures a delightful start to your day with its fresh, flavorful options.

7. Mediterrano - Coastal Mediterranean Cuisine

At Mediterrano, the flavors of the Mediterranean are brought to life with dishes inspired by the coastal towns of the region. The ambiance, with its hues of blue and white, transports diners to a Mediterranean island. The menu offers a spread of options from fresh salads and seafood to hearty meat dishes, all prepared with a touch of Mediterranean zest.

8. The Bevy - A Modern American Bistro

The Bevy is a modern bistro that stands out for its innovative American cuisine and chic outdoor lounge. Located just a short walk from Naples’ historic pier, it offers a great selection of cocktails alongside a menu that mixes traditional and contemporary flavors. The Bevy is particularly popular in the evenings when locals and visitors alike gather to enjoy the vibrant nightlife and creative dishes.

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